Whether you’re ready to level up and know exactly what you need or you’re new to this whole “branding” concept and have NO idea what you should work on first, I’ve got you, girl!

When people hear the word “branding,” they usually think that means a logo and maybe they even think it means a pretty website. While a logo is part of branding, it's a very very small part of the whole picture. And yes – an appealing website is important, but it’s typically the last step of the process, not the first.

I believe branding is the foundation of all of your marketing, communication, and sales and my process reflects that. Together, we will build your brand from wherever you are now to a comprehensive visual story for your ideal clients.

Here’s the GREAT news: you already have everything you need in your heart and your head…we just need to talk it through, sprinkle some magic on it and send it out into the world so everyone can fall in love with you!

Let’s walk through the journey we will take together to get your brand rockin’ and rollin’ for ya:


In this stage we dive deep into the heart of your brand. We look at your “why,” your passions, your ideal client - all the things that build the foundation of your biz (and consequently, your brand!)

Imagine knowing:

  • Who your ideal client is (not just their demographics but what really drives them)
  • Your personalized brand identity
  • Your biz purpose AND be able to articulate it confidently
  • You're doing the right thing, with the right people and for the right reasons.
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Before working with Sam, I was completely lost. I didn't know the WHO or the WHY when it came to my business and I was drowning in a sea of what seemed like a billion other photographers doing the same thing. Not only did she help me rebrand she gave me the courage to charge what I was worth, stick to my guns when it came to pricing and my ideal client and she changed the way I value myself. My revenue has doubled since working with her and this year I plan to double it again and I honestly could NOT have done it without her!


Nicole Anderson

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This is what everyone typically thinks about when they hear the word “branding.” It’s all the pretty and fun stuff! The creation stage is where you really work to build that visual aspect that will come to tell the story of you and your business.

Here you'll get work on:

  • Choosing fonts, colors & images that match your message
  • Design your unique logo
  • Strategize when and where to use your primary and secondary logos
  • Create all visual (and beautiful!) aspects of your brand

**This is a great part of the journey to think about connecting with a copywriter to help you craft your emotionally compelling brand story and message**

Samantha is a rare talent, that combines strong strategic thinking, creativity, and technical savviness to develop and execute compelling brands. She is commercially intuitive and really thinks beyond fads and trends. I've seen her over and over again, encapsulate brands in a way that is long-term and consistent. Samantha has helped me upscale my business and challenges me to be a better business owner. I cannot recommend working with her highly enough!

Danielle Tenconi


This is when we take both the visuals AND the copy together and share it with the world so everyone can learn about and fall head-over-heels in love with you!

Here you'll:

  • Map out website content based on ideal user experience
  • Create social media graphics based on your platform of choice
  • Design email templates & paper marketing materials
  • Launch and share your message with the world!
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Samantha is my go-to for any type of web design work that I need completed. I truly believe that there isn't anything that she can't do! I have been working with Samantha for projects since I launched my business two years ago - she is honest, trustworthy, and her experience in design can't be touched. I highly recommend working with her for site design, tech support, and the list goes on. I'm very grateful for her and know that my business would not be where it is at now without her. I can't speak highly enough of her - everyone needs a Samantha in their life!


Amy Howard

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You might be able to see that there’s an order to things here, but I know that path can be difficult to navigate if you don’t have some serious Branding GPS! I’ve guided dozens of clients on this road and I’d love to get you headed in the right direction too!

No matter where you’re at on your biz journey, we have a solution to help you get where you’re goin’!


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Recent Project

Boss Mom Website Revamp

It was so amazing to work with Dana on the second revamp of the Boss Mom site. Our goal was to take visitors on a journey and help them find the right solution for them. We wanted the site to be fun and professional. We took the existing colors & fonts of Dana's brand and implemented some new brand elements to bring it to life in a new refreshed way.


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