Tori Avey Case Study

Tori Avey Membership Site

The Brief

Tori wanted to create a new membership to help clients “travel the world” through authentic recipes. She wanted to make everything feel and look like they were right there in the Mediterranean. 

Tori had the vision to create an immersive experience all from the safety of their own kitchens, an important and much-needed aspect during the pandemic. 

With this new membership, the main focus was creating an experience, evoking feelings, and developing a custom map to show clients the regions of the Mediterranean to help them learn about the places in which each recipe came from.

The Process

Our website design and development team worked closely with Tori to customize the experience through design and features using WordPress. We focused heavily on the colors, branding, logos, images, custom map, and custom menus for different parts of the membership. 

We used AccessAlly to set permissions on membership site pages and manage the membership aspect, making the process seamless and streamlined. This way, Tori did not have to manually set permissions, give or revoke access to certain pages, and send emails regarding member info or payments. This will save her a lot of time and effort and allow her to focus on serving her members and creating content. 

Systems in place: AccessAlly was used to set permissions on membership site pages and manage the membership aspect, such as site access and payments.

The Results

Based on the membership site we created and the systems used, Tori is very happy with her membership site. We brought her vision to help people travel the world from the safety of their kitchen, especially during a pandemic, to life and made everything feel and look like they were in the Mediterranean. 

Her membership site is easy and efficient to navigate through, making it easy for her clients to access what they need. We incorporated e-cookbooks, recipes, and videos into her membership to create the best possible experience for her members and to showcase Tori’s amazing content.


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