Web Designer ClickUp Template


Ready to scale your website process?

Ever felt like…

  • Your project went off-track?
  • Your clients weren’t clear about what they wanted?
  • You’re ready to scale your design business but your not sure your process is streamlined?
  • Your project had way too many revisions?

Then our Web Designer template is exactly what you need. Our template will help you provide a white-glove client experience and book high-end projects while surprising and delighting your clients.

Imagine having a process that allows you to…

  • Set boundaries and stick to them.
  • Eliminate confusion for you, your team, and your clients.
  • Have clients that become raving fans.

In our unique ClickUp folder template, you’ll get…

  • Our 7-phase process (Onboarding, Discovery, Content, Design, Development, Launch, Support & Retainer)
  • 8 Lists (one for each phase and a reference list with important project & client details)
  • Call Notes that include:
    • Discussion points
    • Who should run the call
    • Questions to ask
    • and more…
  • SOPs
    • Client Onboarding
    • Site Audit
    • Site QA
    • Final Launch Checklist
  • A content outline & flow
  • Project Timeline (perfect for mapping out your project AND providing to your client)

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