Personal Development: An Essential Part of Business Growth

Entrepreneurs are unique types of people. They’re constantly dreaming up new ideas, implementing effective systems, and offering new services. The life of an entrepreneur can easily be lived on a fast track, always moving forward at high speeds and often forgetting to slow down and just be. Entrepreneurs are natural lifelong learners and are continually looking for ways to grow in their business. But what about their personal life? What about growing as a team, both individually and together? Personal development for entrepreneurs is an essential part of business growth and creating a work-life balance.

Let’s dive into exactly how personal development impacts business growth, the specific personal development books and podcasts that have impacted our team the most, and strategies for applying personal development by taking action.


Mindset blocks of entrepreneurs. 

Entrepreneurs tend to put their blinders on, get in the zone, work, work, and work. They’re often so passionate about their business and the clients they serve that they tend to become overworked and struggle to find any sort of work-life balance. Therefore, being an entrepreneur can be lonely and is especially true for work-at-home entrepreneurs.

Personal development for entrepreneurs is essential for helping them stay grounded, connected to their why, and remembering the reason they started a business in the first place… for freedom.

Working 60 hour weeks and being tied to a device at all times is not freedom. However, many entrepreneurs struggle with the mindset around unplugging. They feel that they have to be present in the business 24/7 because something could go wrong if they’re not.

They often struggle to value their worth. Raising prices and niching down to a specific service or client can be a huge mindset block for business owners. While it’s a natural part of growth and scaling, it can be scary to let go of services and clients that don’t fit the new business vision. On top of that, they may not feel worthy of their new price tag or confident in their skills and ability to deliver.

All of these, entrepreneur friends are limiting beliefs. 

And that’s where personal development comes in.


Why personal development is important as an entrepreneur. 

While entrepreneurs are highly motivated and value lifelong learning, they tend to fall victim to limiting beliefs, mindset blocks, and negative thoughts. After all, entrepreneurs are human, too, right?

Personal development for entrepreneurs is essential for lifelong learning, not just in the business space but also in their personal lives. Continuing to gain more knowledge about business mindset, pricing, content, and systems is just as important as gaining knowledge about developing a growth mindset, valuing your worth, protecting your time, overcoming limiting beliefs, and being confident in your own skin.

It’s amazing how something like body image or past insecurities about your worth can come up and ultimately affect business growth. Personal development can help you break down those barriers, understand the negative emotions around them, and overcome those limiting beliefs.

By tackling those tough thoughts and feelings, you’ll be in a better place to learn, grow, and push yourself in business. Business growth, ultimately, starts with your personal mindset.


The importance of doing personal development as a team.

Not only is personal development as an entrepreneur essential, but it’s also important to do personal development as a team. By working first on your own mindset, you see the value in how that growth affects the business. Therefore, encouraging your team to do personal development and having discussions around it can help each team member grow both individually and together.

This exercise creates a team culture that values growth, being open, and becoming lifelong learners together for the good of each individual and the business.

Having regular team meetings, holding team retreats, and focusing on health and overall wellbeing are a few ways in which we encourage personal development as a team here at Neapolitan Creative.

You’ll also find us often sharing personal development books and podcast suggestions with each other. Check out our list of favorites below!


Our favorite personal development books. 

  • Atomic Habits by James Clear
  • Dare to Lead by Brene Brown
  • Don’t Keep Your Day Job by Cathy Heller
  • The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin
  • Untamed by Glennon Doyle
  • You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero


Our favorite personal development podcasts. 

  • Boss Mom Podcast with Dana Malstaff
    • Catch Sam’s episode all about overcoming struggles, finding your sweet spot, and being authentically you.
  • The Live Free Podcast with Micala Quinn
  • The Marketing Mindset Podcast with Mariya Bentz
  • Not So Wimpy Entrepreneur with Jamie Sears
  • Talking Body with Amy Porterfield
  • Your Virtual Upline with Bob Heilig
  • Joy to Lead Podcast with Kaylan Thompson


Applying personal development without the overwhelm.

Reading and listening to personal development is the first step, but it’s what you DO with personal development that makes all the difference. Applying personal development and taking action is the key to knocking down those mindset blocks and gaining confidence. It can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

Instead of being an information hoarder and never applying it, focus on applying one thing at a time. Get real with yourself and what you’re struggling with most and tackle that first.

Is it a mindset block around pricing? Tailor your personal development to this topic, apply the tips and strategies bit by bit, and reflect often on how it’s going and the changes you’re seeing.

Is it confidence in your image and self-worth? Focus on growing in this area and applying what you’re learning.

You don’t have to change every aspect of your life all at once. By starting with the biggest rocks and breaking them down as you go, you’ll find personal development to be even more effective and one of the most enjoyable parts of your day.

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