AccessAlly: Your WordPress Membership Plugin Crush

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If you’re ready to expand your business and serve more people without having to work more hours, it might be time to consider starting a membership! Memberships allow you to share all of that amazing value and expertise you have with many people at once, not just one person at a time. If you’re ready to go all-in on a custom membership site, we’ve got just the WordPress membership plugin for you!

AccessAlly is our WordPress membership plugin crush, and we have a feeling it’s going to be yours, too! This tool’s beautiful design and functionality makes our heart skip a beat while satisfying the tech nerd in all of us. 

AccessAlly truly has it all. Start with an easy setup, automate your payments, and even gamify your content. See, it’s fun already, and we haven’t even talked about all the other goodies you will find below the surface. 

When it comes to memberships, your member’s experience matters! It’s what draws people in, keeps them wanting more, and coming back to the site time and again. It’s also what makes those referrals rush in as your members share how amazing your membership is with their friends. 

With an all-in-one WordPress membership plugin like AccessAlly, you can focus more on your content and less on your operations and managing your membership. AccessAlly seamlessly supports your members’ experience AND your experience as the creator. 


What Are The Benefits of AccessAlly?


Unlimited Courses and Members.

Even the lowest price tier of AccessAlly gives you the ability to have unlimited courses and unlimited members. You don’t have to worry about your price jumping as you continue to scale your business and grow. 

While we aren’t suggesting you need hundreds or thousands of courses, it’s nice to know you don’t have to worry about cost increases or hitting any ceilings when building out your content. 


Crafted for You.

You can use AccessAlly with any WordPress theme. Whether you’re building your own site or you’ve invested in a membership site designer and developer (like us!), there are so many possibilities. The look and feel are flexible and can be designed to fit your brand and truly represent your business. 

We love building our websites with Beaver Builder or Elementor, as both are amazing WordPress builders. 

You can learn more about all of our favorite tools here!

You can see just how customized and branded AccessAlly allows membership sites to be when you look at our client, Brenda Lomeli’s membership site! Check out her membership site success story here


Let’s Get Personal.

AccessAlly uses a tag system to control personalization and access. This system assigns a label to your members based on things you define. This label then determines what your members can and can’t see on the page based on membership levels or purchases. 

This helps control the overwhelm by only allowing them to see certain bits of content that you allow at any given time. 

You can use the tag system to allow access to certain courses, grant access to affiliate-only areas, allow access to upgraded content, etc. 

By using this automated tag system, AccessAlly saves you a ton of time and manual work as the creator, cutting down on your time spent doing the “behind-the-scenes” tasks that you may not love or have time for. 


It’s Magic. Well, Almost.

AccessAlly has a course creation wizard built-in. This feature allows you to focus on your creative content instead of its technical details and organization. 

You fill in your basic info to get your course started, such as the course name, course icons, sales page redirect, and course menu name. After you have this foundation set up, the wizard walks you through tagging, modules, and pricing. 

With this WordPress membership plugin, you can create two kinds of memberships: standalone memberships or staged release memberships. A standalone membership is a one-off membership you sell that gives students access to the entire membership upfront. A staged release membership is where students get content pushed out to them module by module. 


Create Conversations.

One of our favorite features of AccessAlly is the integration with CRM and marketing automation tools. You need to get your content out into the world to make a bigger impact and reach your people, and these integrations guide you right along. This feature helps you level up your communication and get a more focused approach to your audience. 

We love to integrate AccessAlly with Ontraport, our favorite CRM. AccessAlly can see what your members are doing so that you’re able to create a more targeted approach to your communication. 

It allows you to:

  • Ping a member who hasn’t completed a module. 
  • Send an email to encourage them, provide motivation, etc.
  • Congratulate a member who has completed a module. This gives them that extra special feeling and dopamine hit of excitement.
  • Provide ongoing support and motivation throughout a membership program, ensuring your members feel seen, supported, and like part of the family.
  • Ultimately, increasing retention rates.

These are just some of the ways that you can utilize direct integration to increase your touchpoints with members and ensure higher completion and retention rates for your membership.


Learn and Win.

As part of AccessAlly Pro, you get ProgressAlly, which helps you gamify your memberships and courses! Gamification is a technique that increases engagement and keeps your audience’s attention. Members can earn points and get rewards as they progress through the content. 

You can set what members earn points for and how many they earn. You know that loyalty card for your favorite ice cream place you have sitting in your wallet waiting for that very last stamp to earn your free ice cream cone? That’s gamification! We bet you’re counting the days until you can visit again for that stamp. There’s a motivation to keep going until you reach the end, until you win! 

You can showcase your brand through customized completion certificates, too. Your participants get proof of their achievement, and you get to design something that represents your brand and serves your audience. It’s a win-win!


Build your Tribe.

Membership directories included in AccessAlly are one more step towards creating an interactive community for your members. Both private and public member directories are available. You can add custom fields, photos, and links.  

This directory is searchable, and you can set up tags to help with easy filtering of members. You can use directories in so many ways. Imagine your directory as a leaderboard working hand in hand with your gamification strategy! 

AccessAlly isn’t just a membership and course builder; it’s an experience maker. It’s about creating the best experience for your members and helping them complete and engage in your membership, content, and community. Everything it offers helps you market and engage even past the initial membership build. 

We are an AccessAlly Certified Partner and have helped many amazing entrepreneurs and business owners create custom, branded membership sites using AccessAlly. If you’re ready to launch your membership, we would love to collaborate with you! It all starts with a simple chat, so click here to book a call with us. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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