JOIN THE TEAM (we're friendly, I promise)

You’re passionate about using your gifts to make the world a better place.

You love personal development, fun, music, being a fierce champion for equality, womens' and girls’ rights, small business growth and believe in collaboration over competition.

As a part of our tiny but mighty team, you’ll have the opportunity to develop your ideal position, grow your skills and your business — the only limit is your drive, commitment, and imagination.

Together with fellow copywriters, designers, strategists, and developers you’ll create world-class experiences that assist fellow entrepreneurs to create lives filled with passion, love, and adventure.

Still with me?

  • You’re an effective, clear communicator
  • You’re practically always on time (or early) and strive to deliver ahead of deadlines
  • You’re able to juggle multiple projects and communicate about your timelines, challenges and questions
  • You’re obsessive about being the best at what you do
  • You’re detail-oriented — you don’t produce sloppy work
  • You want to learn and grow...grow and learn!
  • You love personal development and are always working to be the best version of YOU!
  • You care deeply about your work and the wellbeing of the company
  • When a crazy-big project happens, you work till the job gets done
  • You're a team player. The phrase “That’s not my job” is not a part of your vocabulary
  • You enjoy making things not only beautiful but also simple and effective for the end user — whether it's a PDF or a full website build
  • No job is too little or too daunting, you’re in for it all
  • You’re not thin-skinned — you understand that not everyone is going to be in love with your work and it may take more than one try to get it right.
  • You’re comfortable working in a virtual environment and able to manage your time efficiently
  • You do great work autonomously and as part of a highly collaborative team (you’ll need to do both here!)
  • You’re a born GO GETTER — always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up and make the world a better place

The nitty gritty

  • This is a freelance position.
  • This is a virtual position working with our virtual team
  • Your location isn’t as important as your attitude and talent, but it’s required that you live and work in the continental United States
  • Positions can vary from entry-level to intermediate experience.
  • A benefit of working with the Neapolitan Team is a free membership to The Business Blend

Working with the NC team may NOT be a fit for you if:

  • You have personal drama
  • You don’t really commit wholeheartedly to anything
  • You need to be micromanaged (ewww...who likes that anyway?)
  • You aren't comfortable making mistakes (<---the best way to learn is to do it wrong first)
  • You have no sense of humor