How to Launch a Website on a Budget

Leveling up your business and launching a website is a huge step on your entrepreneurial journey. However, you may have done some research on designing and launching a website, only to be shocked by the skill and tech required to do it yourself and the price tag of hiring a professional web designer. So what’s a girl to do? Give up on it altogether? Throw together a less-than-ideal website? Go broke hiring a pro? No, no, and no! Read on to learn just how easy it can be to launch a website on a budget. And not just any website…a beautiful, functional website that you’re proud to call your own.

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Choose Your Base

Before you dive into launching your website, you need to solidify a couple of key ingredients. Your website must have a domain name and hosting. These key ingredients can be pricey, but over the years, we’ve found some pretty amazing options that are affordable and have excellent customer service.

We recommend using Namecheap for picking your domain name. Not only are they easy on the budget, but their customer service is fantastic. Plus, their yearly domain fee is the same every year, making it a long-lasting, affordable solution.

After you’ve nailed down your domain name, you need to pick a hosting service…AKA, a place for your website to live. There are several options available with different features and price points. Whatever you choose, make sure that the quality of the service matches your needs. You can compare prices between hosting sites, such as Kinsta, WP Engine, and Flywheel, 3 of our favorites, to see which one will best suit your needs and budget.

Pick Your Flavor

Once you’ve chosen your base ingredients and laid a solid foundation for your website to live on, then comes the fun part of launching a website on a budget. Here’s the thing, just because you don’t have the budget to hire a pro or the tech and design skill to go at it alone, doesn’t mean you should sacrifice what you really want in a website.

The solution? Customizable site kit templates!

Using a website template is an amazing way to get your website launched quickly without sacrificing the style and functionality you need and want. It’s the perfect affordable website option.

You can choose from our collection of 4 fully customizable, drag and drop WordPress site kit templates to get started. Pick the flavor that feels right to you, and let us help you set up your website with custom templates that are so easy to tweak and tailor to fit your personality and brand.

We’re big on making sure our websites don’t crash or get bogged down, so we’ve taken all of the steps to ensure these WordPress website templates are built strong and ready to handle all of the ideal customers that will soon be coming to you. Plus, we’ve done the strategic design work for you, so all you need to do is customize and have fun with it.

Not sure which site kit flavor is best for your brand and style? Take our “What’s Your Site Kit Personality?” quiz below to get your personalized recommendation.

Add Your Toppings

After your site kit template is in your hands, we’ll be there every step of the way through guided videos and our support services to walk you through adding the toppings to your website. We’ll help you choose your tech, get your Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact pages set up, and guide you through adding your own branding, images, copy, and content to your website.

If you’re ready to invest in adding plug-ins to your site, we can help you choose the best ones for you. No coding experience necessary; we’ve got you covered!

Put the Cherry on Top

Another great thing about this affordable website option is that our site kit templates come with bonuses to help you customize your site even further to ensure it reflects who you are while staying fully secure and up-to-speed.

You’ll receive bonus templates to guide you through your branding and content, as well as branded social media post and banner templates that you can use to tell the world about your new site and show off your new branded look.

Our bonus bite-sized courses will also teach you the ins and outs of strategic website copywriting, photography essentials, and the most important things to do to ensure your site is safe, secure, and well-maintained.

This isn’t your typical website template; it’s so much cooler and jam-packed full of value!

Tell the World

Now, the moment you’ve been waiting for, it’s time to launch that website and tell the world all about it. Share your new site on all of your social channels using your branded photos and templates and celebrate this significant milestone in your business.

Be sure to optimize your social media profiles by updating your banners and linking to your website in your bio.

Then, sit back, admire your beautifully designed and customized website, and watch as your ideal customers come flocking to you to become PAYING customers.

Talk about a website paying for itself, right?!

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