How Our Virtual Team Retreat Inspired Action and Reflection

Here at Neapolitan Creative, we are a female-owned and operated web design agency that thrives on connection, collaboration, and serving women as they share their passions to impact the world. Over the past few years, our team has grown from a one-woman show to a thriving team of passionate women. We kicked off the new year with our first-ever virtual team retreat. We can’t wait to share our biggest takeaways, what we learned, and how this team retreat inspired action and reflection on our team. To learn what our team members had to say about the team retreat, our company, and our impact, read on.


Joy to Lead Workshop

Our virtual team retreat began with an empowering and uplifting workshop, hosted by our good friend Kaylan from the Joy to Lead Leadership Academy. Kaylan did an amazing job analyzing each team member’s strengths, blindspots and shared ways to work together to support each other and grow as a team. One of the most powerful exercises Kaylan had us do was sharing what we all love most about each team member’s strengths and how they bless our lives and our business. Let’s just say…we could have gone on for days!

From Kaylan’s workshop, we learned what each person’s core strengths are.

  • Sam- The Influencer
  • Julie- The Captain
  • Becky- The Motivator
  • Stephanie- The Supporter
  • Jenni- The Supporter
  • Amber- The Analyst

This was such an eye-opening experience for our entire team. Here’s what they had to say about these team-building exercises.


What was your biggest takeaway from the team-building exercises we did with Kaylan?

“Seeing what everyone’s strengths were helped me to realize where team members were being underutilized or where we were draining them. It was great to reflect and make adjustments based on everyone’s strengths.”


“I loved that Kaylan highlighted what a strong and capable team we already had and that by learning each other’s strengths we can know how best to tap into each other’s areas of genius.”


“To always remember to use our collective strengths as a team, as we can do more together than we can alone.”


“Overall, my biggest takeaway was how amazing it is to see how all the women on the team fit together! I’ve always known we all work well together, but to see the deeper reasons why and how each individual’s personalities and strengths play off each other was so enlightening.”


“I learned so much about the ladies on this team! Not only did I get to know about their personalities, but I also learned how I can better support and work with each person!”


“I loved seeing how everyone’s strengths and personality styles fit together to create a very well-rounded team. It was so neat to see how each of us approach the business and how our unique talents come together to tackle all areas of the business. I also loved learning about our blindspots and how we can best support one another.”


This workshop truly set the tone for our virtual team retreat and was the perfect segway into our vision and values discussion, goal setting session, and planning for the year.


Vision and Values

After our leadership workshop, we reflected on what we learned and collaborated to hone in on our vision and values as individuals and as a team. It is important for us to allow each team member to have a voice and put our ideas together to create our company vision and values.

Getting clear on our vision and values allows us to paint a picture of the work we want to focus on and the clients we want to serve. When asked to describe Team Neapolitan Creative in one word, here’s what our team had to say.

  • Authentic
  • Collaborative
  • Powerful
  • Unified
  • United

These words align perfectly with our vision and values and lay a strong foundation for us to work together and grow as a team.


Goal Setting and Planning for the Year

After a day of team collaboration, learning more about each other, and supporting each other, the second day of our virtual team retreat was focused on putting our strengths, vision, and values into action by setting goals and planning for the year. It was amazing to see each team member bring new ideas to the table and break each goal down into actionable steps to tackle this year.

We also dove into each person’s role on the team and how they see their role growing and evolving this year. We did a “Dream Role” exercise where each person drafted what their dream role looks like on Team Neapolitan Creative. Then, we looked at our company-wide goals and made plans for getting  each team member into their dream role this year as we work towards our goals for the year.

There are so many exciting projects happening behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to share them all with the world and have a massive impact this year. To wrap up, read on to see what our team is most excited for this year with Team Neapolitan Creative.


What are you most excited for this year with Team Neapolitan Creative? 

“I’m most excited for the possibilities that lay ahead of us. The growth of our team, new clients, new offers. I love starting a year with all of our dreams, goals and aspirations. We have a lot ahead of us and it’s all exciting. Most of all, I’m hopeful for the ability to do an in person retreat toward the end of the year (safety and health permitting). Think of Belle from Beauty and the Beast at the beginning….she’s so happy and excited about everything. That’s how I feel at the beginning of the year and especially this year. I could just go into the streets singing and smiling and not let anything bother me.”


“I’m most excited that our plans and expanded team will increase the amount of business owners and by ripple effect, their audiences that we get to help.”


“Growing more than we ever have before by growing our incredible team with even more amazing women, which in turn, we will be able to help even more clients with their websites and membership sites.”


“I am so excited to get to know each team member on a deeper level and grow in my overall skills as a designer and I am so excited to see what projects we knock out of the park together.”


“I’m excited to learn even more and grow into a team that is even more creative and collaborative.”


“I am looking forward to seeing our team continue to grow as we help each other tackle tasks and fill positions that contribute to our business success. With everyone in their perfect spots on the team, I know that we’ll be able to serve even more clients.”


As we take time to reflect on our first team retreat, we are so thankful that we had this opportunity to learn, grow, and create an even more collaborative team culture. This team is full of ambitious, driven, and inspiring women who are making their mark not only in the world of online business but in their families too. We can’t wait to get together in person for our next team retreat. Trust us; there will be wine, cheese, karaoke, and a lot of laughs along the way. ❤️️

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