Ellen Johnson Case Study

Ellen Johnson Website

The Brief

Ellen wanted to revamp her existing website to fit her current brand and style. She wanted the design to include more movement and a more cohesive, branded look. Her existing site had wide side margins, no font hierarchy, and was not optimized for mobile devices of various screen sizes. Ellen’s brand colors and fonts were great as they were but needed to be incorporated in a more streamlined way on her website.

The Process

Our website design and development team worked closely with Ellen to redesign her website to feel calming yet informative and honest. She is very passionate about helping women feel confident, comfortable, and empowered to create healthy, happy lives they love. We wanted her site to reflect this. 

We worked to create movement in the site by including buttons that scroll the page, GIFs, alternating images, dropdowns, and also by creating strategic white space. 

We ensured there was a font hierarchy in place and centered text with images to keep the eye moving down the page seamlessly. We chose pictures that represented a range of ages and backgrounds. Our team worked to create a flow for the visitor to ensure they knew who Ellen was and where to find her resources.

The Results

Based on the changes we made, Ellen’s new website now makes every visitor feel empowered with knowledge and the potential of a community. There is movement throughout the site, which keeps the reader moving through the content in a way that makes sense and keeps them on the website longer. 

There is clarity on the next steps for the reader, whether it be purchasing Ellen’s program, reading a blog post by topic, or booking a 1:1 consultation. The website is easy to navigate and user-friendly, making the reader’s experience more streamlined.




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The Transformation

from this:


to this:

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