Helping Designers Create More...

MORE clients, MORE money, MORE time, MORE fun

Program Opens again in 2021

You have a burning passion for design and can see the beauty and impact of effective branding.

But you are stuck in a hamster wheel of inconsistent clients, dozens of revisions, and the dreaded imposter syndrome.

  • You struggle to keep your client\'s focused on the big picture

  • You want to charge more, but don\'t have the confidence to make the jump

  • You feel like the market for designers is too saturated

  • You have an eye for design, but still not feeling confident in your skillset

Welcome to Designer in Demand,

where designers come together to uplevel their business without losing their passion.


A small group program for graphic designers who are ready to bring in consistent income, move past typical business struggles, and design a business that aligns with their passion, values, and skill. 

In just six months with Designer in Demand, you will

  • Layout the foundations of your business  with proven systems and processes
  • Learn how to market yourself as an in-demand designer
  • Attract your dream clients that make your work fun
  • Learn how to build packages that bring in consistent revenue
  • Learn design best practices, trends, and high-level design strategy
  • Discover a new confidence as the incredible designer you re

Some of the topics we will cover


Systems & Processes

You'll learn to set up systems, processes, and workflows that will save you time and money.


Marketing Yourself

Position yourself as the expert and attract dream clients that make work fun!


Working With Clients

How to set boundaries, provide your deliverables, get productive feedback and close projects.


Recurring Revenue

Leave behind one & done projects and create offers that provide revenue month after month.


Design Best Practices

Be the best of the best and stay relevant by learning design best practices, trends and tips.



Shift your thinking to achieve more success, confidence, and clarity.

and the best part...we will help you learn how to not only build your business or work on client projects, but how to balance doing both!

Program Opens again in early 2020

How we'll be working with you...


Calls & Community

With 3 1:1 Strategy Calls, 2 monthly group calls, and a private community, you'll be supported throughout the entire six months.



Be a fly on the wall and watch over our shoulders as we create brands, websites, and more.


Templates & Swipe Files

We'll provide you with canned emails, proposal templates, questionnaires and more to make implementation as easy as 1, 2, 3.


Critiques and Reviews

Get honest and constructive feedback on projects that you're working on. 

About your host


Samantha Johnston

Samantha is the CEO and founder of Neapolitan Creative where it's her passion to help clients craft their own brands with style, personality, and heart. At the core of who she is and what she does is her love for helping insanely talented entrepreneurs tapdance out of the shadows and build a life that lights.them.up. Is it easy- um, no… what is? But the freedom to be authentic, live a life they love and relish the big and small moments with their loved ones is oh, so worth it.

Frequently Asked Questions

Freelance designers who are ready to get off the roller coaster and reduce the number of valleys between paydays, be able to pay themselves and the business, create time and space to work on the business and feel like they are no longer a slave to their clients & business.

Yes. We will show you every step of our branding and web design processes.

Yes. You can request a refund up to 14 days from the start of the program. No questions asked.

For the lifetime of the program.

Send us an email at