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For the bold, outgoing, go against the norm and stand out kinda gal who’s focused on innovation and inspiring women to own their power!

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What’s Included?


Canva templates and mini-courses available if you’re really ready to level up.

Collection Add-On’s

Important: You must have the Cherry Chip base site kit in order for these add-ons to work with your website. When you’re ready to take your website to the next level, check out these add-ons!


In order to utilize this site kit template, you will need an Elementor license and a self-hosted WordPress site.

Full Transparency:

Due to the digital nature of this product, we do not offer refunds.


Brand Colors may not appear exactly as assigned in Internet Explorer – but DO show up just as expected on every other well-established browser (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, etc.)

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU & THANK GOD I FOUND YOU SAM! I have been an entrepreneur for 18 months and in the last 4 months of working with you I have had clients lining up to work with me…You push me outside my comfort zone, challenge me and help me to see my awesomeness…It’s not just about you being an incredible Coach, you have become a friend to me and it is such a peaceful knowingness that I can connect with you and just say blahhhhhh. Thank you for being my loudest fan and for running alongside of me in my biz…I HAVE ARRIVED FINALLY! So much love to you beautiful and sweet Samantha! Working with you is like working with this sweet Tinkerbell carrying a whip! Great accountability sprinkled with pixie dust!

Leisa Briggs

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Before working with Sam, I was completely lost. I didn’t know the WHO or the WHY when it came to my business and I was drowning in a sea of what seemed like a billion other photographers doing the same thing. Not only did she help me rebrand she gave me the courage to charge what I was worth, stick to my guns when it came to pricing and my ideal client and she changed the way I value myself. My revenue has doubled since working with her and this year I plan to double it again and I honestly could NOT have done it without her!


Nicole Anderson

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Samantha is my go-to for any type of web design work that I need completed. I truly believe that there isn’t anything that she can’t do! I have been working with Samantha for projects since I launched my business two years ago – she is honest, trustworthy, and her experience in design can’t be touched. I highly recommend working with her for site design, tech support, and the list goes on. I’m very grateful for her and know that my business would not be where it is at now without her. I can’t speak highly enough of her – everyone needs a Samantha in their life!


Amy Howard

Amy Howard Social

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