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Maisie Hill Membership

The Brief

Maisie had an existing membership that was hosted on an app. She was frustrated with the app’s limitations and that her membership wasn’t fully customizable. There was a lot of content in her existing membership. However, she still planned to add more, but it was overwhelming her members. Maisie wanted a membership space that she could control and that her members could access and use with ease, wherever they were.

The Process

Our website design and development team worked closely with Maisie to revamp her current membership and create a custom membership site with all the features and accessibility that her members needed to succeed. Features added: There were multiple calendars, depending on the different groups. We added an “Ask a Coach” area where members can submit their own questions to be answered. We designed a hub for all of the released webinars, depending on how long they’ve been in the program (to prevent overwhelm). We created searchable areas to search for replays by group; if they missed a coaching call or wanted to review. Automations used: We set up automations for onboarding, nurturing members, and cancellations. These automations cut back on time spent manually sending emails and managing the tagging system, allowing Maisie to focus on serving her members with great content and nurturing her people.

The Result

Based on the changes we made, the features we added to her custom membership site, and the automations we set up, we have given Maisie a custom, branded space to share her knowledge and expertise with her specific niche. She now has the ability to change and add things to her membership so she can continue to have a custom membership site that best serves the needs of her members and continues to grow with her business. She has automations set up that removes a lot of time and energy from her and her team’s workload to focus on other aspects of the business and membership.




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