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The Brief

Dave had a mastermind program that he ran through Facebook. It wasn’t fully customizable and he wasn’t able to set permissions and the program flow automatically. This process took a lot of manual time on Dave’s part sending emails and double-checking that everything was being published on Facebook. It also caused extra stress knowing that if Facebook went down or something changed, his content could be lost or his clients may not have access to it. Dave had to manually follow up with members about missed payments and manually remove past members, which took a lot of time and energy when he could have been focusing on tasks in his zone of genius that moved the needle forward. Dave emphasized that he wanted his membership to be neat, clean, and easy to navigate and understand where to find things for his members and his team.

The Process

Our membership platform design and development team worked closely with Dave and placed a strong priority on the integrations and automation of the new membership site. Automations used: We set up Active Campaign, so it now sets the tags, gives or removes access to the site, sends the emails, and communicates with the program site, Access Ally. We set a campaign up to notify Dave and a client if there is a missed payment. In our work with Dave, we took it from a confusing, unreliable Facebook platform to a custom, easy to control and navigate platform on Access Ally that communicates with Active Campaign seamlessly. Systems in place: AccessAlly was used to make monthly topics, modules/lessons for the course, resources, and documents private. Members are only able to see aspects of the site that they purchase and not past topics from before they enrolled as members. Active Campaign was used to automate the tagging system, site access, and all email communications.

The Result

Based on the changes we made and the automation and integrations we set up, we have saved Dave and his team a ton of time and effort from having to manually manage the membership site. By using WordPress and Beaver Builder, it allowed for full customization for the design, layout, menus, and content of Dave’s membership site, giving him a fully customizable membership site that makes it easy for his members to access everything seamlessly. Dave can now focus on serving his members and producing valuable content instead of worrying about losing his content on Facebook, managing access, and manually sending emails.


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