Brenda Lomeli Membership

The Brief

Brenda had a weight loss program hosted in Thinkific that wasn’t fully customizable. With this Thinkific program, she wasn’t able to set permissions and set the program flow automatically. This process took a lot of manual time on Brenda’s part to send emails, onboard new clients, and make sure her clients went to the right spot at the right time in their journey with the program. Brenda and her team had to manually change tags, follow up about missed payments, and remove past members. This took a LOT of time! By manually doing all this work, there was a lot of room for things to be missed, which also created stress on the person who had to remember when to send emails and complete tasks. Many different systems were working in parallel, such as Thinkific, Ontraport, Dubsado, front emailing, and calendar reminders to add or remove something manually. The clients were also sometimes confused or had a difficult time navigating the program. This manual work was a big-time commitment that Brenda wanted to automate to spend more time serving her clients and creating a more consistent system and experience. Brenda emphasized that she wished to everything neat, clean, and EASY to navigate and understand where to find things.

The Process

Our website design and development team worked closely with Brenda and placed a strong focus on the integrations and automation of the membership site. Automations used: We set up Ontraport, so it now sets the tags, gives or removes access to the site, sends the emails, and communicates with the program site. Zapier and Dubsado are used for contract signing and then push the information to Ontraport to automate the system further. In our work with Brenda, we took it from multiple systems that worked in parallel form and paired it down to fewer systems that integrate and work together. Systems in place: AccessAlly was used to make course modules, resources, and documents private. Ontraport was used to automate the tagging system, site access, and all email communications.

The Result

Based on the changes we made and the automation and integrations we set up, we have saved Brenda and her team a ton of time and have made their lives easier. Brenda can now focus on her business tasks and serving her clients. Now she has a very custom membership site that is streamlined and has everything in one place. This offers her clients a user-friendly experience, lessening their confusion and allowing them to dive into the membership and consume Brenda’s content and training without worrying about tech confusion.





Tech Details


Kind words

“The team is highly responsive and excellent at receiving feedback. They literally were able to take the vision I had in my mind and make it into a website. The website I have now, it pretty much the website of my dreams which sounds pretty corny, but I feel so proud! And from the practical aspect- revenue has 3x’d. The work this team did was an important part of a total uplevel, matching AND supporting my company and its growth.”

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