Brenda Lomeli- A Membership Site Success Story

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Brenda Lomeli, the creator of The Last 10 Method™ and host of The Last 10 Podcast, is a master certified life coach, holistic nutrition specialist, and a woman on a mission to help other women overcome their struggles with weight and food so they can enjoy the results they love. 


Brenda’s Story


After struggling with her own weight for 18+ years, Brenda felt like she was never living in a body she loved. She felt like she wasn’t enjoying life the way it was meant to be enjoyed.


After losing and gaining the same weight over and over again, she finally felt all the lightbulbs start to turn on. Through trial and error, she realized that she had to do it on her own terms to truly lose the weight, keep it off, and live her best life.


Thus, The Last 10 Method™ was born. This program combines Brenda’s many years of formal education, nutrition and mindset training, life experience, teachings, and more to deliver the powerful results women are looking for. 


Now, as a busy mom and businesswoman, she has 5x’ed her earning potential through her book, podcast, and signature program and has created a lifestyle of freedom and fulfillment where food and weight are not in control. And she’s here to help other women find this same freedom. 


From Clunky to Customizable 


Brenda’s The Last 10 Method™ weight loss program was created in a membership format in order to allow Brenda to work closely with her clients month-after-month and deliver the content and support they needed to reach success. 


After working with us to create her main website, Brenda was ready to take the leap and work with us to create a customizable membership site that would allow her to deliver the best possible results and experience to her members without working harder or losing out on revenue. 


When Brenda first came to us, her membership site was hosted in Thinkific. It wasn’t fully customizable, and Brenda couldn’t set permissions or set the program flow automatically. 


This process took a lot of manual time and effort on Brenda’s part to send emails, onboard new clients, and make sure clients went to the right spot at the right time in their journey with the program.


This left Brenda and her team manually changing tags, following up about missed payments, and removing past members. This took a LOT of time and manual effort and was NOT a time or cost-efficient process. 


By manually doing all of this work, there was a lot of room for things to be missed, which also created stress for Brenda and her teammates, who had to remember when to send emails and complete certain tasks. 


Many different systems were working in parallel, such as Thinkific, Ontraport, Dubsado, front emailing, and calendar reminders to add or remove something manually.


Brenda also shared that her clients were sometimes confused or had difficulty navigating the program. 


All in all, this manual work was a big-time commitment that Brenda was ready to say goodbye to. She was ready to automate her membership site in order to spend more time serving her clients and creating a more consistent system and experience. 


Coming to us enthusiastic about the potential of her custom membership site, Brenda emphasized that she wished for everything to be neat, clean, and EASY to navigate and understand where to find things.


And with that, we got to work!


“The work this team did was an important part of a total uplevel, matching AND supporting my company and it’s growth.”


Our Membership Strategy Process


Our membership design and development team worked closely with Brenda to create a customized membership site that spoke to Brenda, her brand, and her values. First, we completed a membership pre-build strategy with Brenda to map out exactly what she was looking for and what systems, processes, integrations, and automations we would need to put in place. 


Our design team got to work creating the customized membership site pages that coincided perfectly with Brenda’s brand and vision for the program. 


Meanwhile, our development team placed a strong focus on the integrations and automation of the membership site’s back-end. 


We set up Ontraport to set the tags, grant or remove access to the site, send emails, and communicate with the program site. 


Zapier and Dubsado were set up for contract signing and then to push the information to Ontraport to automate the system even further.


AccessAlly was used to make course modules, resources, and documents private. 


In our work with Brenda, we paired it down from multiple systems that worked in parallel form to fewer systems that integrate seamlessly and work together.


After building the custom-designed membership pages and integrating all of the technical components, Brenda was ready to launch her brand new membership site. 


Brenda’s Membership Site Results 


Based on the changes we made to Brenda’s membership site and the automations, integrations, and onboarding/offboarding groups we set up, we have saved Brenda and her team 10+ hours a month and made their lives so much easier. 


The new experience is more seamless for the program members. Brenda can now focus on her business tasks and serving her clients instead of all of the manual tasks that resulted in her initial membership with Thinkific. 


Now, Brenda has a completely custom membership site that is streamlined and has everything in one place. 


This offers her clients a user-friendly experience, lessening their confusion and allowing them to dive into the membership and consume Brenda’s content and training without worrying about tech confusion.


Less confusion = better results = happier clients = higher member retention + more referrals!


“Customer conversions have increased, revenue has 3x’d, and we are now as a company hitting target revenue goals.”


This is a testament to the power of serving her clients well, staying true to her brand, creating user-friendly systems, and using automations to ensure she is maximizing her profits without losing out on revenue due to failed payments, credit card expirations, etc. 


“In my experience, this team is the best! (And I LOVE to work with THE BEST!)”
-Brenda Lomeli


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