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Our Favorite Flavors: Tasty Tools to Build your Site

This post contains affiliate links.  Choosing the right tools for you is a bit like picking out flavors in an ice cream shop. There are so many choices! How do you know what’s best? Hearing it from someone who has sampled much of what’s out there gives you a leg up. Through our endless taste-testing…
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The 5 C’s of Photography for Your Site

Photography speaks. An image can say so much just by the presence on your website. It can say amazing things, but it can also say horrible things, whether you mean it or not. Keep the 5 C’s top-of-mind when thinking about photography for your site: Caliber, Cost, Context, Credibility, and Consistency. If you can mentally…
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From Know to Trust—Building a Website that Converts

The customer journey is a great starting place for your web design. Web design isn’t just about the look and feel of your site. The content and interactions for the overall experience are critical to guide customers in a way that they gain value. First, what the heck is a customer journey? The customer journey…
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