Hey you… yes, you.

Don’t look now but you practically have “Please don't look at my outdated + boring website” taped to your forehead.

I said don’t look, sheesh...

Ok, thankfully it’s not actually there (but what an icebreaker that would be) but chances are if you’re perusing our site it’s because you’re not weak-in-the-knees-in-love with your current website or branding. Am I getting warm here?

  • After all you have a thriving business that’s finally starting to pick up speed.

  • You are positioning yourself as the true bad mama jama you are.

And on a personal level, you like to think you’re a go-get ‘em, party of one, hell on wheels: you have a passion for what you do and you couldn’t hide it even if you wanted to.

Unless your customers or clients went to your website, of course—that’s officially where the party bus stops.

Portrait of tired young business woman suffering from headache in front of laptop at office desk.

It’s bland. Outdated like whoa.

And it just doesn’t feel like YOU. Where is the energy? The excitement? The passion that you feel on the inside for your business, your purpose and your customers—NONE of it is shining through.

but then again…

Tech? Yuck. Time? Who has it? And get this… you’re a guru for those you serve but zeroing in on your own vision and brand has proved to be an exhaustive waste of time. Go figure, right?

As an all-female boutique agency,

it’s our own passion and mission to help other smart, insanely talented women to take their businesses to the next level with website designs and branding that effortlessly position them as the go-to expert or thought leader they are.

Our goal is simple: create stunning websites that WOW potential (and current) customers or clients from the moment they land on your page. And then keep them coming back for more.

Two young women working together, office interior

Ok, the real goal?

Design your brand so true to you that your website converts to the point of crashing… but build it so damn well that you know it never will.


If we haven’t met already, then hey there, new friend.

I’m Samantha Johnston—Sam for short—and I’m the badass magic maker CEO behind Neapolitan Creative. At my core I’m a complete nerd, think: loves to belt out tunes to musical theater, was in the marching band, “quirky” to a T, and yes, obsessed with all things TECH. I’m fiercely competitive. I won a pushup contest against a boy when I was 7 because I refused to give up. Side note: I couldn’t move the next day.

I’m also a suicide survivor. I lost my dad to suicide at the age of 30. It’s not my whole story but it’s absolutely a chapter in it—and it’s only made me stronger and more determined to live a life I’m absolutely in love with AND help others to do the same.

Which brings me to the dream team I’ve been so fortunate to build.

As a team, Neapolitan Creative is made up of some of the most radtastic experts you’ll ever meet. As their “leader”, I have to say I’m awed and humbled daily to work with such talented and collaborative women. When we get to work we check our egos at the door and focus on bringing a winning website to life—and ultimately more business, success and dollar signs for our clients.


JCalcote145 VR

Julie Calcote

Dir. of Operations
Image from iOS

Becky Brunner

Project Manager

Amber Kindler

Content Manager

Stephanie O'Keefe

Lead Designer

Jenni Petry

Jr. Developer
cindy photo

Cindy Hawkins

Customer Service Specialist

Still wondering if Neapolitan Creative is for you?

We’d likely be a d-r-e-a-m fit if

You’re an established service-based entrepreneur ready to trust us (the pros!) to do what we do best, so you can get back to doing what you do best (and love!)

We’re probablynot the right fit if

You’re a brand-spankin' new business owner still trying to get clear on who the heck you are in the first place, and you’re not quite ready to hand over the reins to someone to build your website.

So, whatchya think?

Are we the dream team you’ve been looking for?

Let’s Connect to Find Out How to Finally Bring Out the Magic In Your Website + Branding.