I'm so glad you're here!


Hey there! I’m Samantha Johnston…

but my friends call me Sam (and a few other nicknames but we’ll save those for another time.) I’m the magic behind Neapolitan Creative, where I help you craft your brand with style, personality & heart.

At the core of everything I do is my passion for helping women create what I’ve been able to build for myself. I want women to have the freedom to be with their loved ones AND do what they love. I LOVE that I get to help my clients achieve that dream!

Okay, let me back up for a second…
how did this whole she-bang start??

Well, I started out designing websites back in 2004 for fun (yep, I’m that geeky). It became a side hustle in 2011 that brought in a little extra cash and then I took my business as Neapolitan Creative full time in 2013. Now I get to work with my clients from around the globe in the comfort of my home while I stay home with my youngest.

By no means am I an overnight success! I started small, but have always been intentional about what I wanted my work to be and what I wanted it to allow me to do in my life and in the lives of others.


What I love most about my work

is I get to bring the whole picture together for a brand. By marrying the creative and the tech sides, I help you craft the heart of your business and give it wings to fly (aka - share it with the world).

And what I love most about running my business

is that I get to be available for my family. I get to run my empire from home with my littlest AND I get to walk my oldest to and from school every day. I get to build beautiful brands I love AND take road trip vacations with my family. I show up for my clients and wow them with my work AND play with my 110-pound lap dog. I seriously get to have all of that and it makes my life so full!


And when I get a moment to myself

(which I make darn sure I do!)

I love to drink my fav coffee, listen to show tunes (and sing them if I'm alone), read a good mystery or romance novel and watch a good chick flick. (Pretty Woman, anyone!? Gets me every time!)

I’d love to get the chance to hear more about you and what’s magical about your business (and maybe chat rom-coms!)

Meet My Amazing Team


Mallory Majcher

Wizard of Visual Storytelling

Michelle Augimeri

Digital Design Fairy

Mackenzie Mader

Design Apprentice