6 Ways To Practice Gratitude as a Team

At Neapolitan Creative, we envision a world in which all girls and young women are nurtured and empowered to reach their fullest potential, are self-sustaining, and are well respected. We believe in empowering and supporting others to dream big and go after their wildest dreams.

In our efforts to change the world, we first begin by offering this empowerment, support, and gratitude to the members of our very own team. These women are wildly creative, smart, and talented. Together, our work does not feel daunting, but instead, is fun and exciting. We know each other inside and out and treat each other like family…because, well, we are! We know how each person works, making us a stronger team and playing to each member’s strengths and areas of expertise. After all, our best work is done when we’re doing what we love!

We believe that the only limits we have are the ones we place on ourselves. Instead of holding back our gifts, our team values taking initiative. We work together to overcome all obstacles and reach the finish line feeling confident and proud of the contributions we’ve made to the world.

As a creative web design agency, we seek to practice gratitude as a team. This gratitude practice brings us closer together, creates a special bond, and helps us work together like a well-oiled machine. And guess what? You can do this too! Whether you are practicing gratitude individually or with your team, be inspired by these 6 ways to practice gratitude as a team.


1. Sharing and celebrating each other’s wins

You will often find us shouting out our team members for their amazing work, ideas, and exciting milestones in their life. Whether it is a birthday, anniversary, or a fun national holiday that speaks to that person, we are always there to cheer each other on! We celebrate each teammate as they grow in their own skills and level up their businesses.


2. Diving into team calls

As a web design agency that operates virtually, we have team members all over the country, which is pretty amazing! Therefore, we value our time together as a team. On our monthly team calls, we always begin with a gratitude practice in which we share our personal and business wins for the month with each other. This keeps us connected and continuously growing together. Our team values wellness and mental health, so we also focus on helping each other work towards our own wellness goals.


3. Learning more about each other and how we work

Another way in which we practice gratitude is by learning more about each other and the way each team member works. We are all different, which is the beautiful thing about our creative agency! Through personality tests, check-ins, and team calls, we get to know each other better on a personal and professional level. This allows us to show gratitude in a way that connects with each team member’s personality and talents.


4. Using communication tools to check in on each other

Our team values communication and staying connected with each other. We use tools such as Slack and ClickUp to not only check in on each other, but to celebrate and stay in touch on projects and goals. We love to have fun here at Neapolitan Creative, but we are also highly dedicated to our work and making sure projects and deadlines are met. Using these tools helps us stay centered, focused, and grateful for the work we do.


5. Using social media to shout out our team members

A gratitude practice that we love doing here at Neapolitan Creative is using our social media to shout out our team members. It is important for us to share our team members’ story, gifts, and talents with you all. We want you to know who is behind the scenes working to make the website of your dreams come true. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to learn more about our team!


6. Giving back to inspire others

Lastly, we practice gratitude as a team by selecting charities and nonprofits to give back to each year. We are so thankful to be able to do this and brainstorm ideas each year together as a team. This year, we are giving back to 3 organizations.

First off, the nonprofit Girl Talk. Their mission is to empower young girls and build the leaders of tomorrow. It’s a perfect fit for our team’s values!

The second organization we are donating to is Village Impact, whose mission is to help create life-changing opportunities for students in Kenya.

Lastly, we are contributing to Shady Grove Gardens. We believe that true change starts at home and in our communities. We love the mission behind Shady Grove Gardens as they bring awareness and connect residents to local community farms.


Practicing gratitude as a team is something that helps keep us grounded and moving forward in the most positive way. It makes such a huge impact on our team and our work. Do you have a gratitude practice? We challenge you to take from our ideas for practicing gratitude, start small, and reach out to someone you love or a team member today and tell them how grateful you are for them. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

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