3 Essential Pages Every Website Needs

In our last blog post, we talked about tips for making your website stand out and represent you as the amazing entrepreneur that you are. A big part of making your website stand out, attract your ideal customers, and convert them into paying clients who rave about you includes the right website pages and information on each page. When planning your website, it’s important to include these three essential pages that every website needs.

No matter how big or small your business is, we believe every website needs these three pages to give people what they need and make it easy for them to find what they’re looking for. As your business grows, you can expand your website and include more pages. Let’s dive in!

Home Page

When planning your website and these three essential pages that every website needs, we like to think of it as a speed networking event. The home page of your website is an introduction to you and your business. It’s kind of like walking into a speed networking event, looking around at who’s there, and introducing yourself briefly. On your home page, you do just that…offer a brief introduction of yourself, who you are, who you serve, and how you serve them.

This process is essentially a quick and dirty ice breaker that allows the person visiting your site to determine if they want to get to know you better and learn more by reading on and clicking on your call to action.

We don’t believe that your home page should include a call to action above the fold. Save that for the bottom of the page and your other website pages. When someone comes to your website, they need to get to know you first before getting hit with a call to action or offer.

The call to action on this page should link to your about page so they can learn more about you and your business. You can also tie in a brief summary of your services with clickable buttons and an opt-in to add major value and get them on your email list.

About Page

The next essential page you need to include on your website is the about page. This is a BIG one, friends. This is the page that moves you from the quick ice breaker to a coffee date with your ideal customer. They’ve decided that they’re interested in you from your home page and the about page is where they take the relationship to the next level.

The about page is where you dive deeper into your story, who you are, who your team is, who you work with, how you can help them, and genuinely get to know each other. When planning your website, you can include fun facts about you and your team on this page, as well as pieces of your story that connect with your ideal customer’s pain points.

As they read, the goal is to get them to catch themselves nodding their head yes, relating to the pain points you’re stating, and start craving the solutions that you provide. Your about page should include a call to action, encouraging them to head over to your services page to see how they can get started and work with you.

Services Page

Did you guess that the services page was the 3rd essential page every website needs? This is where the magic happens, and your ideal customer decides that they’re ready to commit. After learning more about you and how you can help them on the about page, they’re confident that you’re a great fit and they need your services.

Your services page speaks again to their pain points and offers a solution to their problems, a solution that you provide with your services! The services page is where you break down your services and packages and let them know exactly how they can get started with you.

You can also explain your process and how you work with clients to know what to expect. This is also a great time to include a quiz call to action button if you have one that helps customers determine which service is right for them.

You can add your contact information as a button with your service offerings in the footer of your other website pages … or you can add a 4th bonus page to your website.

Bonus: Contact Page

While you can absolutely get started and have a successful website with the three essential pages above, here at Neapolitan Creative, we love including a contact page as well. This is kind of like the follow-up phone call after the commitment has been made. Your ideal customer is so excited to get started with you that they just have to give you a call and talk to you again.

By having a separate page for your contact information, you’ll have even MORE people reaching out and contacting you because you’ve made it easy to do so. You can link to this page throughout your website.

Remember, as you’re planning your website, the goal is to make it super easy for your ideal customers to navigate, find what they’re looking for, and take action!

With these three essential website pages (and bonus page), you can be sure that your business will be represented well, and your ideal customers will find what they need to help them make a decision about working with you.

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